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Young people are heavy influencers, and most importantly, we are heavily influenced. We grow according to how we are fed- we are what we eat. This is why it vital that our input is clean, constructive, challenging- and full of the truth! This is where YIC comes in!

YIC (Youth Inspired for Christ) is a new arm of FOWM that has a vision to touch the lives of youths in every continent. By God’s grace and support from many, our youth ministry wants to influence and change the lives of our generation. Our passion is to see friends, and other youth inspired for Christ; for the youth to be built up and equipped by the truth, to be encouraged to participate in events, and to be inspired to reach out to others! Through the gifts and interests of the youth ministry, our goal is to see all youth strive to maximise their potential in Christ.

Here are a few things that FOWM youth ministry is currently doing to influence the lives of young people;



  • The TENT (Nigeria- Kano): a roof of many activities in which committed youth of FOWM express themselves for God’s kingdom.
  • Talent Hunt (Nigeria- Kano, Lagos and Abuja): a camp based outreach- under the TENT- that reaches out to young workers.
  • Ingathering Conference (annually held in Kano, Nigeria): people from all over the world attend this 5-day conference; the variety night held on the Saturday is a huge appeal and blessing to young people especially.
  • The ministry’s messages on tapes/ CDs have reportedly been a blessing within university campuses in Nigeria especially.


  • Student Outreach (Accra, Ghana): the ministry reaches out to second cycle and tertiary institutions with Film Shows and direct preaching’s – around 60 students recently gave their lives to Christ.


  • IGNITE is the Student + Young Adult arm of Harvestime Church. Our passion is to ignite in everyone the call to love and hope. We also exist to help young people discover their purpose in life and maximise their God-given potential. No matter your background, we welcome you! We’ve got so much planned for you. Whether you are a Royal Holloway (RHUL) student, or coming to the Surrey area for work, study, family, etc, Ignite has planned an exciting programme just for you! There’s no pressure to join anything, just come along and check us out. You’ll get to meet some amazing people, who can make such a big difference to your time here.

    Find @Ignitefowm on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

  • Rev. Kola and Funke Ewuosho have been invited to speak at Royal Holloway University of London several times- students have been thoroughly blessed.
  • Lounge Night: Look out for our popular ‘Lounge Nights’! It’s a night of performing arts, spoken word, drama, music, etc, from our favourite artists!

If you would like to know more about what YIC is doing in your nation, please contact your nearest FOWM office. Also, visit our E-store to purchase our youth messages and teaching materials.